Nixon seeks to expand Mo. child care subsidies

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon wants to expand subsidized child care to more than 2,800 children whose parents are gradually moving up the pay scale at work.

Nixon's proposed budget includes a $6.3 million funding increase for what's described as "transitional child care." The money would allow low-income parents who get raises to continue receiving a reduced child care subsidy instead of losing the aid altogether.

Missouri currently provides a full child care subsidy to families earning up to 122% of the poverty level. It also provides a transitional benefit for those earning up to 133% of poverty, or about $25,000 annually for a family of 3.

Nixon wants to extend a transitional child care subsidy up to 175% of poverty, or about $33,000 for a family of 3.

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