State Police Investigating Death of Man While in Custody of Blytheville Police

JULY 23, 2004 - Posted at 4:53 p.m. CDT

BLYTHEVILLE, AR - Detectives with the Arkansas State Police are in Blytheville this evening investigating the suspicious death of a man while in police custody.

K8 News has learned that the Blytheville Police Department requested the State Police investigate an incident that occured at approximately 4 o'clock this morning, when Blytheville officers were called to investigate a disturbance at the PearTree Inn hotel on Interstate-55.

Police arrested a young male who was described as "acting strange."  The suspect's hands were cuffed and he was placed inside a police car.  A short time later, the arresting officers noticed the suspect was not breathing.

Blytheville Police Captain Ricky Ash confirmed that State Police are investigating the incident, and that a preliminary BPD investigation shows that the suspect was not shot or beaten while in police custody.

K8 News has a crew en route to Blytheville at this time.