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Shannon Johnson Reports

Blytheville in Police Drought

BLYTHEVILLE -- The Blytheville Police Department is losing police officers faster than they can train them. Ten officers have turn in resignations over the past few months.

      According to Mylas Jeffers of the Blythville City Council," Mississippi County has been on a tight budget for the past four or five years."  Jeffers says, the county has seen its tax revenue take hits because buisnesses have left town. "Times are hard and when times are hard people don't spend money," says Jeffers. And when people don't spend money the city is forced into a budget crunch which usually means less money for the police department. It's a battle that cities all across the nation are fighting; a battle that the Blytheville Police Department is losing.

     Over the past few months the department has lost several officers to better paying jobs and retirement. "We've lost about five or six  in the last six months but the problem is we were already down two or three.  In order to keep enough manpower on the street officers are being pulled from specialized divisions and are being put back into patrol cars. Captain Ash says they were able to hire three new officers but they are looking for more.

Applicants must be a resident of Arkansas and at least 21 years old. Have a high school diploma or ged. They can't have a criminal history and they have to pass a physical and written test. For more information contact the Blytheville Police Depatment at (870) 763-4411.

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