After 15 Years, Skateboard Competition Returns to Region 8

July 24, 2004--Posted at 6:30 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO--Jonesboro city skateboard park was filled with rockers and rollers today as skateboard competitions returned to Jonesboro.

The competition was open to all ages, and hundreds watched in amazement as the skaters put on quite a show.

The competition is judged on the number of tricks, how difficult they are, and how well the performance flows, but to the skaters, .it's just about having fun.

Daniel Beall has been skating for 12 years.

"My parents were against it, I loved it. It's one of the hardest things I have ever tried to do. It's so's hard to explain,"said Beall.

Alec McDaniel loves skating at the park.

"It's just fun. I mean it gives me something to do, and it keeps me out of trouble. It just gives me something to do all the time. I like it,"said McDaniel.

This is the first skateboard competition Jonesboro has seen in fifteen years, and supporters say with lots of heart and hard work, they hope it's a tradition that continues for years to come.

"Well when we started off, we built a couple of things, and then we asked the skaters what they wanted.   You know we'll build it,"said organizer Aaron Richardson.

The skaters who use the park aren't the only ones who enjoy the park's atmosphere. Parents say it makes the kids appreciate using something they built with their own hands.......and getting the satisfaction of seeing others enjoy it as well.

"They need an environment....a safe place they can go and just be. Where they can go and have a good time, and this is a great place,"said parent Celeste McDaniel.

And as for the skaters, they describe the park in one word..... "It's awesome. Everyone knows about it now....and people are coming out and raising money,"said McDaniel.

"I'd like to teach my kids to skate, and bust out some moves for my grand kids,"said Beall.