Some drivers failing to notice new 4-way stop

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Some drivers are failing to stop at an intersection that recently became a four-way stop.

The intersection is located at East Nettleton Avenue and Industrial Drive.

The new stop signs are suppose to make the intersection safer for drivers but most drivers aren't stopping. Local business owner Lisa Mardis witnessed eleven accidents in 2012. Mardis owns the Whistle Stop right in front of the intersection and says she still has some concerns.

"We've been in business for three years," Mardis said. "And I have witnessed several different accidents and last year I witnessed an accident where a man and a child fell out of their car and went into convulsions."

Mardis said the problem is not the actual stop sign but its location.

"To me it's in the center of the intersection," Mardis said. "And I think that sign needs to be more forward because it surprises people and people will pull up to that stop sign and they are literally stopped in the center of that intersection."

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