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Pocahontas--Bob Snell Reports

OFFBEAT: Too Cool Kelly

July 25, 2004--Posted at 11:00 p.m.  CDT

POCAHONTAS--He's 8 years old and on the track they call him "Too Cool" Kelly.

"I want to be like the big boys," says Kelly. "I want to win."

Kelly is well on his way to becoming a motocross big boy. He's flying high with his sights set on turning pro one day. He's been kickin' it on his two wheeled terminator since he first saw a supercross race at the age of four.

"It takes durability, liability, endurance, physical fitness, mentally, emotionaly," says John Emison, Kelly's dad and mechanic. "It takes it all to handle it."

Kelly's handled it pretty well, he's already a two time state champion. But without a track closer to home, Kelly's dream of competing nationaly, was just that, a dream.

"He just kept saysing, will I have my own track. I want my own track so other kids can come ride with me," says his mom, Kathy Bachuss.

A plan to put that track in the family's backyard didn't meet neighbors approval. That's when friend Joe Difani stepped in.

"The good Lord blessed me well enough to purchase this farm and it's my turn to share," said Difani.

So back in March family, friends, and businesses from all over Pocahontas lent a helping hand. They started from scratch in the middle of this old bean field and built a supercross dirt track.

"People donated their dump trucks and time and hauled the dirt. People just pitched in and helped," says Kathy Bachuss. 

"It's a dream come true for a child in northeast Arkansas," says Emison. "Hopefully it will be more than just his dream come true out here."

Kelly hopes to start hosting races sometime next month and next summer he and a couple of friends will host a big race for charity, with all the proceeds to be given to the Arkansas Children's Hospital.

"Too Cool" Kelly, shooting for the moon, but even if he misses,  he's sure to land among the stars.

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