Police search for suspect after he refused to pull over

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) – Police search for a man after another was arrested for refusing to stop when they were asked to pull over.

According to Paragould Police, an officer working STEP (Selective Traffic Enforcement Program), attempted to pull a car over when he noticed the occupants were not wearing their seatbelts. The vehicle continued to drive, even though the officer followed with their emergency lights on.

The suspects continued to travel westbound on W. Kingshighway from the overpass. Near the intersection of W. Kingshighway and 7th St., the vehicle accelerated in attempt to get away.

The vehicle began doubling back to 7th through Main St., lost control of the car and struck a utility pole, when reaching the intersection.

The suspects then exited the vehicle and began running away. One of the suspects was apprehended after he was found hiding by 600 block of W. Main Street. The second suspect was not found and was not believe to be armed.

Paragould Police wants to make clear that they do not believe the second suspect is a danger to public safety, or that he is still in the area.

The investigation is under investigation and information is limited during this time.

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