Rally inspires college students to “commit to complete”

NEWPORT, AR (KAIT) – At least one hundred local collegestudents made a promise to themselves that they will keep working toward their goals.

The Arkansas State University campus in Newport held a "Committo Complete" rally Wednesday.

In addition to receiving a few giveaways, students signedcards and a banner pledging to stay committed to their education goals.

Amber Grady, the school's counselor for student services,says faculty and staff are also committed to help them succeed.

"What we're doing is encouraging the students to be willingto persevere no matter what they may face," Grady said, "because our studentsdo face things, but we want to encourage them that they can achieve in spite ofthat."

The rally Wednesday is part of a national effort to motivatestudents among community colleges.

It is organized through the Phi Theta Kappa honor society,which started a chapter last year at ASU-Newport.