The long countdown!

I've got less than three weeks to the due date, and sometimes feel a little left behind as women I know who are due around the same time are having their babies!  I know, though, it is better he cooks a little longer, even though 37 weeks is considered full term.

To top it off, I'm finally starting to get mean-ish comments, emails, and messages from viewers about my poor clothing choices, fat butt, enormous belly, etc. I find them all pretty funny, but when you're 9+ months pregnant, it's hard to make anything look good, let alone feel good about yourself!

These last weeks are dragging on, and I'm thinking that I won't miss much about being pregnant, but there are a few things. So, I am going to compile a list for you guys tomorrow of things I won't miss, and then over the weekend work on things I will miss!  I'm not an overly sentimental person, so the "will miss" list may be a little harder.

Baby It Up!