Shelter working to make facility safer

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Mission Outreach is working to make their shelter a safer place for residents.

An uptick in violent behavior caused by residents with mental illnesses has caused the Shelter to take action by creating a safer environment.

“We’ve seen a 31 percent increase just in the last year,” said Executive Director, Jamie Collins.

Some of the shelters residents have been diagnosed with illnesses such as Bi Polar Disease, Schizophrenia and Schizo-Effective Disorder, causing violent outburst with staff and other residents.


“These are individuals that the potential for violence is much higher because of the psychosis that often comes with it as well as other factors,” said Collins.


The shelter staff has been training to maintain a safe and secure environment. They are also bringing trained individuals to help with their rise in residents with mental illnesses.


“We are now meeting on a regular basis as a staff we're going over proper  procedures and security measures we're putting in place too hopefully diffuse situations before they get to the violent level,” said Development Director, Jeremy Biggs.

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