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IRS web app tracks tax refund

(WMC-TV) - Taxes are a topic that's trending online, and now you can use the web to find out when you'll get your refund.

Many wait until the very last minute to file taxes.

"I file maybe two or three weeks before April 15," said resident Edward Taylor.

No matter when, if you're thinking you might get a refund, there's good news for you.

An updated website through the IRS is able to track exactly when your money will be deposited into your account.

It's called Where's My Refund.

"Some people live pay day to pay day, so it comes in handy I'm sure," added Taylor.

Taxes are just one of the coffee table topics for Edward Taylor and others at Jimmy's Main Street Grill in Brownsville.

Some still file the old fashioned way, deciding not to use the Internet.

"There's too much fraud and identity theft these days, you lost control where it goes out over the Internet," said resident Lloyd Cain.

The Where's My Refund Application can be used if you file via mail or Internet.

If you e-file, it lets you know within 24 hours when you'll get your refund.

If you mail your taxes, this new app will let you know about your refund in four weeks.

"I like it, my wife would like it, but she hasn't done it yet," said Taylor.

If you're not so lucky this year - and you're not getting a refund, well, that, may be a different story.

"If you have to pay, wait until the last day," said Cain.

To learn more about Where's My Refund, click here.

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