What won't I miss?????

I've got less than a month left on this pregnancy journey and there isn't much I'm going to miss. What I won't miss? Well, read on for that!

Swelling: From my feet, to my hands to my ankles and face. Puffiness,  be gone!  I haven't been able to wear my engagement ring or wedding band in a few weeks. The "ghost" feeling of them on my finger is driving me bonkers!  And let's not even talk about cankles…It's a good thing I can't actually see them when I look down!

Uncomfortable-ness: From the waddling to the hard-breathing, to the just generally low-level of comfort I have had this last month…I'm over it!

Gastro-troubles: 'Nuff said.

Nose bleeds: I rarely got them before, and realllllly don't like them now!

Anxiety: I am so anxious about who's been growing in there, that I'm worried I won't meet his expectations. Wait…he's a baby, does he have expectations?!?!?

Food-relations: Early on you deal with waves of nausea and vomiting, get a break from that, and then it returns just because you're lugging around a basketball.  And people tell you you're lugging around a basketball. And think you're going to pop—soon. From cravings to hating things you loved before, oh, food, let's have a healthy relationship again.

Crazy emotions: I'm not a very sentimental person, I've seen people tear up over some of (what I think) are the oddest things and rolled my eyes. Now, I'm that person tearing up and being terribly moody. Ugh.

There are several more things, but apparently I can't remember them all this morning. Let's just say I don't like being pregnant but know that I am going to love having a child and being a parent.  What are some things you didn't like about pregnancy and don't/won't miss?