Clay County sees damage from recent storms


Ferocious straight-line winds peeled metal away from its framework as the storm hit rural Clay County under the cover of night.

A pile of mangled tin and splintered wood now sit 20 feet from William Haye's barn.

"Figured something was blown over outside, so I got the flashlight and come out and saw what happened. Well, it just tore the metal off that building and most the roof on that center part."

Haye and his family took shelter in their 60-year-old home as the storm approached.

His children were frightened when their TV lost signal.

"We both had our phones and we had radar on mine and we just kept watching it. It got here and the house started popping and we got into the closet, under the stairs."

Doppler radar suggests that wind gusts reached 80 mph, toppling vital...and very equipment.

Lifelong farmer Will Simmons couldn't believe his eyes Wednesday morning.

"It's pretty serious. Each pivot can cost up to roughly 70 thousand. We had some insurance on them."

Two irrigation pivots were turned on their side...and as the braces snapped under the intense pressure, several feet of pipe lie twisted.

The rusted steel now rests atop several rows of winter wheat.

"The problem..they'll have to come in and move them and get the forklifts and trailers. They can cut a pivot up and have it hauled off in about 2 days."

Simmons doesn't expect the farm company to replace the irrigation system until April.

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