Major jump at the pump puts a dent in Region 8 wallets

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Gas prices in Jonesboro made a major jump at the pump this week. From Monday to Friday, the prices skyrocketed roughly 15 cents. Jonesboro residents took notice.

"I used to think when gas was $3 'Oh, that is so high,'" Lynda Hogue told Region 8 News. "But now, when it's $3 I think that's cheap!"

Hogue said when she sees the prices jump, she wishes she would've filled up beforehand.

"I always think 'Oh, I should've filled up my gas mower and this up and that.' So yes, it's quite a shocker," Hogue said.

Hogue often has to drive back and forth from Jonesboro to Little Rock and Jonesboro to Memphis. She said when gas prices are high, "that means less money to go other places."

Jason Whitfield does a lot of driving around in Region 8 too.

"It puts a dent in my wallet weekly because I'm up here every day," Whitfield said.

He told Region 8 News when the prices rise, he's not even that surprised by it anymore.

"I'd think a whole lot more of it if it went down a dollar!" Whitfield said.

Earline Smith lives in Jonesboro. She told Region 8 News that she'll 'shop around' for the lowest prices in the area.

"I kind of watch I see which stations are offering the lowest price," Smith said. She added that when gas cards come into play, it helps to knock a few cents off the total

"Kum and Go had a coupon once so I went there and got gas," Smith said.

Regardless of how high prices get, Hogue told Region 8 News she'll just have to deal with it.

"I hate it but y'know...but you have to do what you have to do."

If you'd like to track the lowest gas prices in your area, just head to the Pump Patrol on our website.

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