Brookland School District eyes expansion

Brookland, AR (KAIT) –The Brookland School District has grown by 409 students in the last five years and they anticipate even more growth in their future.

"We know with the hospital and associated businesses that we will continue to grow," said Superintendent, Kevin McGaughey.

The process of building a new school will begin this year, with land they've had saved to expand.

"We do have 25 acres that's north of the current elementary school and we do have intentions of building a new middle school on that property, starting sometime this year," McGaughey said.

McGaughey explained that by starting with a new middle school, it will help make room for the entire campus.

"The school building is currently on the secondary campus. When that building is emptied, we can incorporate that building into our Junior High and High School and have enough growth space for that, for many years to come," said McGaughey.

Although, they have plans on building a new school, they are preparing for what is to come in the future by looking for additional land.

"It's better to go ahead and be looking now, if we can find some property that we can afford that we can utilize in the future, we will do that," McGaughey said.

However, right now their focus is taking it one building at a time. They are waiting to hear back from the Arkansas Department of Education to move forward with the project.

"Once we receive the final go ahead, we'll move forward and hopefully break ground before the year end," McGaughey said.

McGaughey said they will receive the final go ahead from Arkansas Department of Education on May 1st.

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