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Student suspended for texting mom

(WMC-TV) - A Collierville mom is furious with the current cell phone policy at Shelby County Schools after her 16-year-old son was suspended for texting her during school hours.

Natalie Stiver came to Collierville High at 1:30 Monday afternoon to pick up her son's cell phone after it was taken away nearly one week ago.

Stiver says the existing cell phone policy for Shelby County Schools is outdated.

"Seems a little extreme for the time we live in," she said.

Current policy says students are banned from possessing any type of phone during the regular school day.

Stiver's 16-year-old-son spent two days at home last week, suspended for texting his mother during his lunch break.

She says they are not showing consistency when it comes to putting this policy to work. Stiver says her son's teachers at Collierville High School often ask students to use their phones for research.

"It's inconsistent...absolutely. It's a silly policy. They say they're handcuffed to the policy but they're only handcuffed to part of it," added Stiver.

Shelby County board policy says students have to keep cell phones in their lockers, cars, or other school approved locations.

Otherwise, students could face a two to five day school suspension, or even longer.

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