Digging for Dope in the Delta

July 27, 2004 -- Posted 3:00 p.m. CDT

Blytheville, AR -- Blytheville and Osceola police officers teamed up on Tuesday morning for a major crackdown on drugs.

An army of police officers converged on Holland Street in Blytheville. Armed with a warrant for a drug arrest, they never found their suspect. Instead, officers were joined by firefighters because their suspect's home was still hot from a fire.

The matter is under investigation, but police believe it could be a case of arson.

"It's strange that we live right across the street and we didn't even hear or see anything," said one Blytheville resident.

This women however is not blind to the drugs she says she sees in her neighborhood.

"Drugs is everywhere, but they really need to do something about it."

Despite what some residents may think, police say they're taking drastic measures to clean up the streets in Blytheville.

"We've been doing undercover narcotic street buys with the street dealers, hanging out on the street corners or on the streets," said David Flora with the Blytheville Police Department.

Those efforts digging for dope have resulted in 34 arrest warrants for people police say have delivered a controlled substance.

The Blytheville Police Department has been the center of attention in the past 2 weeks. First, for a report of a shortage of man power, and secondly, they're under state investigation for a death that happened in one of their patrol cars. That news has got some people in the community questioning exactly what's going on.

"The past stories that we've had the past couple of weeks, we're not even sure of all the evidence or everything that has come through yet, so no one has to jump to conclusions or make any rash decisions at this point," said Flora.

So for now, police a keeping a watchful eye out on potential dealers they hope to catch any day now.