Parents voice concerns over the Academies at Jonesboro High School

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The first of many meetings geared toward informing parents on the future of Jonesboro High School.
The school, which will become Academies at Jonesboro High School next school year, has worked toward becoming an academy based school since the Fall of 2010.
Monday night's meeting encompassed what's been done over the past two years to get the school ready to become Academies at JHS. It also informed parents on which career academy their child could choose to pursue throughout high school.
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Health, Human Services and Law or Business and Communication Arts.
"Those are the three academies that the students chose to have here at Jonesboro High School," JHS Principal, Dr. Mike Skelton explained to parents.
However, some parents, like Lisa Melton, felt those three options may not be enough for students. Especially Melton's daughter.
"She does not fit fully into any of the academies," Melton told Region 8 News.
The lack of a certain academy seemed to be of concern for a few parents at the meeting.
"We are getting away from a liberal arts education," Melton said.
Though there isn't a Liberal/Fine Arts academy, Dr. Skelton said this allows students in any academy to take whichever extra curricular classes they choose.
"We want all of our students who want to be a part of, not only that, but other extra curricular programs to have the opportunity to take advantage of those things," Dr. Skelton explained.
Though Melton said Monday night's meeting, as well as meetings in the past, have dispelled most of her major concerns, she'll continue to stay involved.
"I'm a concerned parent and want to see the school do well for my children, the two that are here now and the one that will be here," Melton said.
If you missed the meeting, Dr. Skelton said they plan to hold similar meetings that allow parents to voice concerns and ask questions the first Monday of each month in 2013 until May.

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