What will I miss???

The things I'll miss…

I'm not a very sentimental person. I've handled this pregnancy very realistically, knowing that things can and will go wrong, even in the womb. I once read someone's thoughts on pregnancy about protecting the baby so much while in the womb, having total control over him, and the like. I know that just wasn't how I felt.   I feel a great love for this baby growing in my womb, but am very much aware I cannot control him or his fate as he grows. He is only a baby for such a short time; he has his entire life ahead.

I teasingly say pregnancy doesn't agree with me, but know there are some things that I'll miss about being pregnant.

Anticipation: Who is this person growing inside? What does his future hold in store? Will I be half the mother mine is? These thoughts will probably continue on as he grows, but in a different way. I am ready to see his sweet face. The 4D ultrasound can only tell you so much!

Compliments: While I don't feel great, the vast majority of people have been so kind! Even on my grumpiest, grossest day a sweet word means SO much.

Being told to take it easy: I'm hard headed, I love being active. It has been hard to slow down and rest. We are rarely told to slow down, not to worry about something, or not finishing a project today will be okay. It's hard to wrap my brain around being told to take it easy…but I'm trying. With only a couple weeks left, it's getting harder and harder to get much done!

What else…well, there's not much. I've tried so hard to look forward to life with this little guy rather than dwell on the pregnancy.  What's 9 (really 10) months compared to decades? I think I'll steal and change up lyrics from one of my favorite hymns: Soon and very soon we are going to see this kid!

Baby It Up!