Kennett PD hopes to shame shoplifters

KENNETT, MO (KAIT) - The Kennett Police Department is shaming shoplifters by releasing their names to the public. Some local shops around town are fond of the idea. They feel it will eliminate the amount of sticky fingers in town.

“I think it’s a very good idea,” said Ted’s Jewelry Owner, Ted Burnett.


The Kennett Police Department decided to take action when shoplifting started to become a big problem. The idea of “shaming the shoplifter” seemed to be the most effective way to prevent shoplifters from stealing.


“The Chief had a vision to get the names of the shop lifters out there to help deter those crimes in the future,” said Lt. Tim Trowbridge.


By starting this new program, they hope it will eliminate the amount of shoplifters they deal with daily.


“Because there are so many of them on a day to day basis the idea of making shoplifting more of a serious crime is to put their names out there to shame these people. Maybe having their names posted to the media will deter them from coming to Kennett to shop lift,” said Lt. Trowbridge.


Lt. Trowbridge said he is hoping to see a less amount of shoplifting in town with the start of this new program.

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