Residents react to concealed carry privacy bill

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A bill making its way through the Arkansas Senate could make information about gun owners private.

On Tuesday, the Senate State Agencies and Governmental Affairs Committee approved a measure to make the list of Arkansans permitted to carry concealed handguns private.

The measure would even exempt the information from the Freedom of Information Act.

After talking to people on the street, they also think it is necessary to keep the concealed carry information private.

"No the list should not be made public," Region 8 resident Virginia Taylor said. "Because even though it is available through the Freedom of Information Act, it should no more be published than a list of people who are seeking divorces or people who receive tax money through the form of welfare.

Republican Senator Bruce Holland brought the legislation forward as a means to exempt the concealed carry information from the state's Freedom of Information Act. But Taylor was not the only one who agreed with the legislation.

"I think it should be private"Region 8 resident Lajunda Bean said." You might have children in the school system and they might get a hold to it and can say different things like go get your parents gun or whatever."

Senator Holland said he filed his proposal in response to a New York newspaper that published the names and addresses of permit holders last year after the Connecticut school massacre.
The bill now heads to the full Senate.

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