Jonesboro drivers go green more often on Stadium Boulevard

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - As Jonesboro continues to grow, so do the traffic woes on some of the major thoroughfares throughout town.

City officials have been working to get traffic flowing more smoothly down a very congested Stadium Boulevard. The presentation given at Tuesday night's city council meeting discussed what's been done so far to ease traffic on that main stretch of roadway.
Residents Region 8 News spoke with know all too well that getting up and down Stadium Boulevard is a pain.
"There's just so much traffic!," Tracy Vinson told Region 8 News. "Traffic's just crazy getting in the mornings and even nighttime also."
That's why city officials decided to do something about it.
"We've implemented timing plans during the peak hours," traffic engineer, Mark Nichols explained. "And changed the sequencing during that time of day."
Nichols said the process of timing out the stoplights on Stadium Blvd. has been in the works for the past few months
"We tried to get some changes in place before the Christmas traffic," Nichols explained.
As 37,000+ vehicles travel up and down the roadway each day, Nichols says Stadium presented the greatest need for a traffic fix. Nichols said some residents have noticed a change
"We've received more positive comments than negative." With those negative comments geared toward the streets that run perpendicular to Stadium.
"That's one of the negative things with coordination is the side streets typically have to wait a little bit longer," Nichols said. However, they're working to address that too for the 'off-peak' hours of traffic.
"When Stadium Blvd. is handling 1,500 cars an hour, Stadium Blvd. has to have to have more time," Nichols explained, "but during the off-peak times we want to have it where the side street doesn't have to wait as long."
So at this point, Nichols said they're about 70% done with the stoplight timing on Stadium.
"We still have work to do in the off-peak, from 6 o'clock to 10:30," Nichols said.
Nichols told Region 8 News the next road they'll look to address is Caraway Road, that sees roughly 32,000 vehicles daily.

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