Crimestoppers Victim Offers Reward

This week, a private citizen is stepping forward to offer a reward. June 25th, Troy Hafford was attacked and shot in his barber shop. The intruder shot him twice, once in each leg. Police do have leads, but have not made an arrest. In order to shake out some more info, Hafford is offering a reward of his own. If you have information on this case, you can call CRIMESTOPPERS safely, and anonymously. If your tip leads to an arrest, you get money. It's that simple. Give us a call, 935-STOP.

      Here's who's up on the wall in the warrants division this week.

Terry Newsom has:

  • 4 revocation of probation
  • 3 contempt of court

Brandon Williams has:

  • 3 non-payment of fines
  • 11 revocation of probation

If you have a good tip, call CRIMESTOPPERS, 935-STOP, or toll free, 888-566-STOP. There's no caller id, no one asks you name. You are completely anonymous. And if your tip leads to an arrest, you get cash. Give us a call. And remember, when you see crime, call CRIMESTOPPERS, 935-STOP.