GCT principal set record straight after lunch rumor

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) – Rumors ran wild in Paragould after someone had posted a comment on Facebook that  Greene County Tech High School was denying students a lunch. Principal Gene Weeks said it was all a misunderstanding.

"We were in line to make sure if a kid that was over thirty dollars. We would take their names and meet with them and find out what the issue was and set up a payment plan if we needed to and contact their parents," said GCT Principal, Gene Weeks.

GCT was asked to collect money from debt due to lunch charges. Since December, they've been sending out letters to notify the student's parents.

"We came back from break and sent a letter home explaining to the parents, that due to the large amount of charges, were going to have to get stricter with it," said Weeks.

If a child had a balance due, GCT was willing to create a payment plan to make the pay off easy for each individual family.

"We've been sending out weekly reminders every week. We pass those out to the students," Weeks said.

Even after their $13,000 balance dropped to $6,500, there was still money to be collected. Principal Weeks decided they would try to pin point what student needed to be taken aside to address the situation to, which is how the rumor of "trashing trays" was started.

"No trays were thrown away. I think what got us was someone posted on Facebook that we were taken trays away and throwing them in the trash and that is not true," Weeks said.

Greene County Tech will continue to try and collect the remaining balance.

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