Region 8 Schools Face Administrative Changes

July 28, 2004--Posted at 6:00 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO--James Dunivan has been named the new Nettleton School District Superintendent.

James Best holds the title at the West Side School District.

High hopes and new faces will greet students at Nettleton and West Side on the first day of school on August 19th.

Both schools underwent superintendent changes, and now both administrators look forward to the future.

James Dunivan served West Side School for 17 years, and says he looks forward to the new challenges he faces in a larger district.

"We want all of the test scores to be as good as possible, we don't want anyone falling through the cracks. We want to provide any program we need to provide a child that might need extra help,"said Dunivan.

Nettleton School District added over 150 students to the roster last year, and Dunivan says the anticipated growth is in need of attention.

"We try to anticipate into the future what we think will happen, and stay ahead of that with our building,"said Dunivan.

Taking over as superintendent at West Side is former Heber Springs Superintendent James Best.

Best says the first priority is maintaining educational and personal growth of the students, and keeping them safe.

Best stresses the importance of recruiting and retaining leaders in the classroom.

"We want to invest heavily in our salaries and other things that are going to make West Side an attractive place to work and finish their careers,"said Best.