Craighead County Woman Dies In Head-on Collision

July 28, 2004 -- Posted at: 10:10pm CDT

NEAR JONESBORO, AR - Traffic on Highway 351 was at a stand-still at times on this afternoon after a fatal accident north of Jonesboro. It happened around 2:00p.m.

A van, driven by Stacy R. Nightingale, was heading north on Highway 351. The driver of a large truck, Tommy R. Davis, was coming towards the van in the opposite direction. Corporal Don Browning, a member of the Arkansas State Police, said the vehicles hit head-on.

"We was just over in this house working, and heard the noise, and looked out and we saw the wreck," said Leon Morgan.

Morgan walked over to find out what had happened. He arrived to see a Craighead County gravel truck and a mini-van resting in the ditch.

Davis said the woman who was driving the van crossed the center line. He added that there was nothing he could do. Tracy long drove up on the scene shortly after the crash.

Long said, "We were just coming around the corner, and we had just missed the wreck, and so we stopped to see if we knew anybody and see if they were hurt "

The distance from where the vehicles hit to where they stopped in the ditch of the northbound lane was 118 feet. The force of the impact flipped the driver-side door of the van back across to the other side of the road.

Long said she had just driven north on Highway 351 minutes before the crash, along the same path the van was traveling.

"That could have been us," Long quickly realized. "What if we'd been a few minutes later, you know, that type thing. Pretty scary. Pretty scary."

Tommy Davis was not injured. Stacy Nightingale was killed instantly. She was 33 years old.