Is your 'safe spot' really safe during severe weather?

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - When tornado warnings are issued in your area, the Region 8 StormTEAM breaks into regular programming to show you where the storm is going. They also tell you to get in your tornado safe spot, but what exactly does that mean?

Chief Meteorologist Ryan Vaughan stepped out of the Storm Center and went into the home of the Conaways who have a tornado plan similar to the one you should have.

If you live in a multi story home, get to the lowest level possible.  Next, be sure to get as many walls in between you and the outside.  In the case of the Conaways, that means heading to an inner bathroom because there home does not have an underground storm shelter or a basement.

Melissa Conaway also prepares ahead of time by putting extra supplies in her family's safe spot.  She says, "I go ahead and make sure that we have all of these blankets down here and we make sure we have extra blankets to put over our heads in case the tornado actually hits. We also have flashlights with whistles on them in case we got trapped and could not yell, we could blow those whistles much easier than yelling."

While their plan is great one in times of inclement weather, there is one more safety tip they could practice-covering your head.

The Region 8 StormTEAM suggests using head protection such as bike helmets, baseball helmets, or toy football helmets.  It may sound strange to put a helmet on, but protecting your head is something that is very important. If you look at injuries from tornados, a lot of times, the fatal injuries result from head injuries.

So to review:

  • Get as many walls between you and the outside
  • Get to the lowest level of your home
  • Prepare ahead of time with blankets, flashlights and head protection
  • Know where you are going ahead of time so when the Region 8 StormTEAM goes on air to tell you to get to that safe spot, you can easily go there and be prepared

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