"Great Shake Out" brings first responders' training together

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- People near the Public Works Building on Lacy Dr. might have wondered what was going on when an unconventional first responders drill raced through town.

Jonesboro police, fire and rescue crews sped past with their sirens blaring, but they weren't on the way to a house fire or wreck. Instead, they were participating in the "Great Shake-Out."

The annual drill helps prepare first responders throughout Arkansas and Missouri for a possible earthquake.

Sgt. Lyle Waterworth, with the Jonesboro Police Dept., says, "practicing together, working together so that we know that each team is working together and pushing the ball in the same direction."

John Yates, Battalion Chief for the Jonesboro Fire Dept., says, "learning to work with the 911 Center and the police department, as well and realizing how busy both of those departments would be in a situation like that as well as ourselves."

The drill lasted for 45 minutes and covered such things as fire, gas leaks, damage, injuries and even deaths.

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