WWII Bazooka round found in Pocahontas yard

Source: Austin Hogan
Source: Austin Hogan

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT)- Authorities in Randolph County detonated a World War II era weapon Thursday night after a man found it in his yard.

"He had run across this munition and he didn't know what it was so we went over there and looked at it and turns out it was a World War Two rocket," Police Chief Cecil Tackett told Region 8 News.

Chief Tackett explained that a property owner was clearing his yard when he found the bazooka round buried in the dirt against a tree.

"An M6 Anti-Tank round is what the military is telling me it is."

Chief Tackett said they got the call around 2 p.m. Thursday afternoon and when they discovered what the item was, they decided to call an Air Force unit bomb squad.

"They defused it at the scene.  Once they had it defused, they loaded it up and took it to the land fill." Chief Tackett said.

The chief said it took 2 ½ pounds of C-4 explosives to detonate the weapon.

Police say they have no idea how it got buried in the yard.

"[there are] no military bases near Pocahontas as far as I've ever known," Tackett said. "Somebody just picked them up a souvenir and took it home and buried it in the woods for years and years. It'd been there a long time. It'd started to get rusty and get some cracks."

Tackett told Region 8 News at no time did they think the munition posed cause for concern for Pocahontas residents. The measures they took were precautionary.

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