10 days and patience, please!

I keep praying and praying for patience as the last weeks of this pregnancy tick down. Today, baby and I are only 10 days away from the estimated due date. I'm starting to use the term "estimated" because, really, how many women actually give birth on the due date?

At this point, everything at home is set and ready for baby's arrival. There are a few pieces missing from the nursery, but I'm not too concerned with those. He's got a place to sleep and arms to hug, love, and feed him.

When you and I meet again at this blog on Monday, I'll be a week away from that EDD, and my goodness, are the days slowly crawling by.  I think I can see the hours just walking by and waving, teasing me!  When babycakes arrives, I know that there won't seem like enough time in the world.

I'm trying to enjoy what little bit of the "before" life we have right now.  Recently, I had a friend tell me how odd it was leaving her house as two, almost like locking their couple-ness behind them. For when they returned home, there were three. I kind of like that idea of three.  I am ready.

Baby It Up, y'all!