Heavy-Lifting hits Jonesboro

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A group of heavy-lifters of a variety of ages hit Jonesboro on Saturday. That might sound scary but it was all in the spirit of good fun and good competition.

The World Association for Bench-Pressing Deadlifters held a competition at the Holiday Inn Holidome in Jonesboro on Saturday morning into Saturday afternoon. The meet featured different age groups and flights and several State and World Record attemtps and broken records.

"This is a great event for people of all ages," said Eddie Morgan, organizer of the competition and one of the competitors. "This is something for people of all ages and backgrounds to compete in," said Morgan.

Morgan is a special ed teacher at Trumann and has had some of his students and parents of his students compete in the competitions and set state records. "Getting kids involved in this is one of our goals," said Morgan. He said that last year the principal at his school showed some of the video of the lifting during lunch and the students were cheering for the kids on the video. "Last year I only had 8 compete," said Morgan, "But since we showed that video and kids saw that it has grown to 20 this year," he added.

Morgan said next years event will probably be held in March and that he hopes a good crowd of on-lookers and competitors will show up and enjoy the activities during the day.

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