ASU Quidditch team

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Taylor Machen and his wife Rachel share the same passion for Harry Potter. When the idea of creating an ASU quidditch team began, they were both eager to get it started.

"Last year when I had seen a little bit about it in different places and I really just got the inspiration to do what I could to get it started," said Captain Taylor Machen.

When things started to slowly become official, the very first ASU quidditch team began to grow.

"We got in touch with the team builder at U of A this past semester and she really just helped us get a lot done. We posted a lot through our facebook and we had a couple of people show up to our very first meeting, where we got everything together," Taylor said.

Just like any sport, the team practices every week and the opportunity to play other schools can take them just about anywhere.

"When we become IQA official we will compete with universities all across the world, not just the nation," Taylor said.

What truly makes the game diverse is that the sport is for just about anyone who wants to participate.

It's really a sport for anybody who maybe doesn't have the time or a way to participate in any other sport but they can come and participate here," Rachel said.

The Machen duo hope that the sport will continue even after they've graduated and that harry potter fans alike will share that bond for years to come, by keeping the sport alive.

"I just want to leave the legacy on campus that no matter who you are, no matter where you come from, the IQA along with ASU quidditch, we want you here," Rachel said.

Several other Universities in Arkansas have started a quidditch team. Hendrix, U of A, Arkansas Tech and University of Arkansas Ft. Smith, have all brought a little bit of childhood magic to their Universities.

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