Paragould State of City explains financial situation for 2013

Mayor Gaskill gives Paragould State of City to council members
Mayor Gaskill gives Paragould State of City to council members

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - At Monday's City Council meeting, Paragould Mayor, Mike Gaskill let council members know where the city stands financially in 2013.

Last year marked a pretty prosperous time for Paragould, with success in public safety and funding.

Both police and fire made upgrades, with Fire Station #2 moving to their new home on East Lake Street. Something that Mayor Gaskill says will assist fires on the East side of town.

"If we had a situation where we'd lose access to that side of town, now we have a fire station that's equal to our #1 station as far as it's equipment and technology," Mayor Gaskill explained.

Plans were also made to turn the previous Fire Station #2, located on East Court Street, into a police substation

"That gives us a presence somewhere else," Gaskill said.

That's not the only aspect of the city that prospered over 2012 though. Mayor Gaskill said the city put quite a bit of money back into the city's general funds. Gaskill said they saw increases in both the city's reserve and street accounts.

Gaskill explained the reserve account saw a 9.19% increase, totaling over $930,000 put back into the general funds and the street account saw a 1.81% increase, "...and between those two accounts, that was over a million dollars of increase in our reserve funds," Gaskill told Region 8 News.

Gaskill said money put into the general funds will go toward capital improvements over 2013. Projects like widening Country Club Road where the Paragould School District is building their new school.

The Sidewalk Revitalization project, which was started four years ago, will also continue on into 2013.

"We're committing around $200,000 every year to repairing every sidewalk in the city of Paragould," Gaskill said.

Financially, Gaskill told Region 8 News that the city is extremely well off and they're spending wisely.

"The citizens of Paragould have entrusted us with their tax dollars," Gaskill said, "and so we want to utilize them to benefit the taxpayers of Paragould."

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