ASU-Newport enrollment hits all-time high

NEWPORT, AR (KAIT) – Enrollment at the Arkansas StateUniversity campus in Newport recently hit an all-time high.

The school reported this week that it currently has 2,160students enrolled for the 2013 spring semester.

This record-setting amount surpasses the previous high of2,102 students set during the fall semester of 2011.

With more students taking classes, the school now faces abigger challenge of keeping them all on track, which officials say they aremore than prepared to do.

ASU-Newport recently expanded the amount of services that itprovides to assist its students, like first-year student Logan Riley.

Riley began taking her basics last semester and hopes tocontinue her education and become a physical therapist.

"I love working with kids," she said, "so I think physicaltherapy would be great."

Riley has started her college career strong, earning allA's.

"If I make straight A's," she said, "then more than likely Iwould get a good scholarship and be able to go to a good school and have a goodcareer to support my family in the future."

Riley says she is headed on the right track thanks in partto her helpful teachers and her faculty advisers, which all first-year studentsnow must have.

"The adviser is going to sit down with that student. They'regoing to outline a degree plan that will map out the courses that they need totake each semester," said Amber Grady, "and it's going to be based on whateverthe student defines what would be successful for them."

Grady also keeps her door open at all times, advisingstudents as a counselor for student services.

"We make every effort we can to recruit the students," shesaid, "but seeing them retained and graduate and complete their success isdefinitely why we're here."

To keep that mission going, the school has utilized the PACEgrant to expand the amount of resources for its students.

For example, ASU-Newport now offers free tutoring in its newAcademic Support Center, which Riley uses almost daily.

"They always look over [my essays]," she said, "and checkand just kind of tell me what I need to add or what I need to take out."

Riley and her friends say services like the free tutoringand intrusive academic advising help ASU-Newport live up to its motto as a "greatplace to start."

To find out what other resources ASU-Newport provides itsstudents, visit or call 1-800-976-1676.

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