School officials combat student alcohol abuse

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - According to a recent study, 67 percent of Craighead County students abuse alcohol which is two percent higher than the state average. The Out of the Dark Coalition is working with the community to lower the rate at which high school teens are abusing alcohol.

"We have an education committee that's part of that coalition and our education committee oversees our out of the dark school chapters," says Chairman of Board of Directors Skip Mooney Jr.

By bringing the problem to the surface, they can focus on educating parents about the growing problem in their community.

"It's become an epidemic problem because as parents we have not paid attention to it," said Mooney.

The Coalition is emphasizing to parents that they need to talk to their kids about it.

"Were so concerned with being friends with our kids at times and maybe we should be parenting a little bit more and safe guarding these things," said Mooney.

By being proactive, The Out of the Dark Coalition is working to educate all parties involved.

One of our biggest goals is to have a school chapter in every school building on the campuses on the various 8 districts in Craighead County," said Chairman of the Education Committee Phyllis Curtis.

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