They know!

My animals have been super clingy in the last couple days. Our mountain cur, Rico, pretty much stays by my side or within 5 feet of me when we're in the house. Outside, he'll roam, but come back to check in pretty often. He is my big, 55 pound snuggle bug.

I had to make one of my cats an outside cat, but she's ok with that, since we visit all the time, and she like the outdoors so she can hunt and bring us presents. That's better than finding other presents in the house…and no, she was not sick. She is just being cantankerous. I may let her in occasionally, but she almost immediately announces her displeasure with my pregnancy. And back outside she goes!

The other cat, bless her bones, is very skittish. She doesn't care for the dog and keeps to herself, but we spend good quality time together chatting it up in the morning and evenings. She's a talker and loves to tell me every little thing that happens, from chasing her tail to naps to the dust bunnies under the beds, she lets me know all about it.  She has really been clingy; in fact she actually hopped on the couch for about an hour yesterday and snuggled with me and the dog. I thought for a second it was a sign of the apocalypse, but then I realized she knows there's something going on and she just wants to offer comfort. She's a good girl.

My animals are darling and funny and frustrating, and I hope they understand when they don't get quite as much attention with the baby coming.

Baby It Up!