Jonesboro Prepares For National Night Out

August 1, 2004--Posted at 9:30 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO--Preparations are underway for Tuesday night's big National Night Out Event.

This event gives members of the community the opportunity to get to know their neighbors.

"All races, all creeds, we just want a United America is what we want,"said National Night Out Volunteer Fred Lewis.

National Night Out is an annual anti- crime event with hopes of keeping neighborhood crime down.

The goal is for folks in their own neighborhoods to form an a unit protecting each other from crime.

"The city and the state, and the nation is trying to help individuals do the right thing,"said Lewis.

Now there will be tents like the one you see behind me here all over Jonesboro on Tuesday night, inside the tents will be food, and games for the kids.

But most's an open invitation for neighborhoods to unite.

"We are the United States of America, and we want to be united here in Jonesboro, and we want to be united every where we go,"said Lewis.

Karina Gurnesy is a Jonesboro resident and says National Night Out could benefit everyone's community....... "There is a lot of things our community is growing on, but as far as places for people to go just to be a family,and if there is it's always packed,"said Gurnesy.

Gurnesy adds National Night Out is the perfect way to neighbors into friends.