GCT promoting health and wellness through competition

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) – The Greene County Tech District weight loss competition kicked off this week. Although, the 24 Day Challenge focuses on faculty and staff, some of the students are getting in on the action.

"Gyms are kind of expensive and some people don't have the opportunity. This was just something cool our class put together," said High School Student, Kristin Kellar.

She said by participating and setting an example, she hopes her peers will follow.

"Just that I show them the positive from working out or from living healthy, then that might want to influence them to want too also," Kellar said,

With the teachers on board, she believes they will also promote a healthier life-style for the rest of the faculty and their students.

"Our teachers have a great influence on us," Kellar said.

Which is why Head Football Coach, Jeff Conaway decided to bring his Health class and the 24 Day Challenge together.

"It's a great example for us coaches and teachers to set for our students," said Head Football Coach Jeff Conaway.

The coaches instructing the classes are hoping to show students and faculty that healthy habits can be formed at any age.

"We're really trying to promote health and wellness. What a great opportunity at the first of the year to really set those exercise and nutritional routines in place," Conaway said.

The fitness classes take place twice a week and consist of cardio and strength training. They also help give nutrition advice. The 24 Day Challenge will end March 14th.

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