Boys and Girls Club sees record number of kids

WYNNE, AR (KAIT) - The Cross County Boys and Girls Club has noticed an increase in the number of children involved in their programs.

Sirica McKissick is the administrator and says last year they only had about 50 kids and now they see about a hundred kids every day.

"They help you with homework,"junior Jasmine Williams said."Then you get to get on the computers and that can help you with your homework too." McKissick says she attributes the increase to word of mouth.

"A lot of the kids who were already attending were telling some of the other kids about what we were offering here at the Boys and Girls Club."

The Boys and Girls club offers the kids much more than programs, it gives them a safe place to stay out of trouble.

"By us having this facility we provide a safe place for them to come as well as a positive place where we can kinda take them and mentor them and kinda be there when their parents cant," McKissick said.

For some kids, the Boys and Girls Club gives them the attention they need.

"We do know for a fact that a lot of the kids feel like nobody cares for them,"McKissick said. "Or no one wants to take up time with them so they do act out and because of them acting out they think that's the only way they can get that attention."

McKissick said at the Boys and Girls Club they are trying to re-route the kids in another direction to show them if they want attention, do something positive.

Just recently, the Boys and Girls club added an after school program after noticed that a lot of the students are academically not where they need to be.

"We decided that it would be good to start that after school program because we really needed to see where our kids were academically."

The Cross County Boys and Girls Club offers a JR NBA Basketball program, diplomas to degrees program, passport to manhood program ,a dance team, a photography program and a mentoring program. McKissick said for most of the kids this is their home away from home.

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