Lost dog tag finds its way to deceased veteran’s wife

KENNETT, MO (KAIT) - A Kennett woman was able to retrieve a precious keepsake thanks to the kindness of a total stranger.

Elizaberth Jessup's wallet was stolen in 2010. In the wallet the 80-year-old carried her late husband Joseph's military dog tag.  Somehow the tag ended up in a "lost and found" bin at a store in Kennett where Karla Graves worked, and Graves made it her mission to get the tag back to the owner.

Jessup believes someone stole her wallet from her previous home in 2010 while she spent a week in the hospital.

"I've been carrying it around for about two and a half, three years trying to find, hopefully, find the hero that it belonged to or his family," Graves said.

Instead of tossing it, Graves enlisted the help of the Missouri Veterans Commission and spread the word around Kennett.

"I believe in doing the right thing, and I know that if something like that, that was valuable to my family, was missing and somebody found it, I would like for them to return it to me."

Elizaberth and Joseph were together 52 years and married for 44 years.  She has six children and six grandchildren.

"My marriage with my husband was outstanding, and I tell a lot of people, and I use this word, and I'm not ashamed to use it nowhere, I go and what I say is my husband treated me like I was a black queen," Elizaberth said.

"I thank God that I received (the dog tag) back because this is something I can keep for the rest of my life and the children can always show it to their children."

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