Batesville High School opens new wing, steps up security

BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT) – Visitors may notice a few changes tothe Batesville High School campus this semester, but not all of them arecosmetic.

Crews took about a year to complete upgrades to the highschool worth about $5 million, which included adding a new wing onto the mainbuilding.

"Shortly afterChristmas break, we moved in and we've had classes out here," said PrincipalDavid Campbell. "The kids really love the new facility."

The facility features 15 new classrooms that house the foreignlanguage, math and science departments in three distinct areas.

"We have 15 classrooms," Campbell said, "and that includesthree state-of-the-art science labs and classroom spaces."

The district also used money to create a new common area forstudents and to revamp counseling and administrative offices, which are connectedto the only entry into the school after 8 a.m.

"When parents come in," Campbell said, "they're directed tothe secretary, and then when she finds out where they need to go, she can buzzthem out to that area. Of course, they sign in [too].

"It's just another security measure," he added, "that theboard and the district have put into place to better serve our students."

Limiting entry to a single door is just one part of acontinued effort to step up security at the school.

"Of course our district is even looking at further measuresthat we can do in the future to have a safer campus," Campbell said.

The district is planning a few more upgrades to safety andsecurity for its various campuses, but the proposed changes all hinge uponvoters approving a millage increase on April 9.

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