Caruthersville Humane Society To Open Soon

HAYTI, MO (KAIT) - When the Caruthersville Humane Society had to cut ties with the city there was a chance that the Humane Society would no longer exist.

"It was really not our choice," said Caruthersville Humane Society President Karol Wilcox.

However, after a few months there was a glimpse of hope.

"Luckily, a person donated this building to us and we started it off and here we are today," Wilcox said.

It's been a long journey the Humane Society but things are certainly coming together.

"It's been a labor of love from a lot of people and we have not had to pay for labor. We had all volunteer labor so we've only had to buy supplies," Wilcox said.

Although, they technically are not an operating facility just yet, they have still managed to care for several animals.

"First thing we did was get the room ready for the animals so we could move then here on time." Wilcox said.

They've been taking care of business while building up a new one all at the same time.

"We've also gone out on rescues and city of Hayti officers have cooperated with us in housing rescued animals," Wilcox said.

Her hopes for their future are coming along day by day. They are preparing for a record year and new beginning.

"We can house more than we could in Caruthersville. We are no kill, we've moved to completely no kill, which is something we couldn't do when we were partnering up with the city.  We hope to just rescue a number of animals this year." Wilcox said.

The Humane Society will begin operations by the end of March.

To help make a successful grand opening, here is list of items you can donate.


Laundry Soap

Dryer Sheets

Concentrated Lysol




Dog Toys

Cat Toys

Dog/Puppy Wet Food

Cat/Kitten Wet Food

Metal Food Bowls

Blue Dawn Dishwashing Liquid


Collars (all sizes)

Cash Donations



Surveillance System

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