Sequestration could cut funds to child learning

Pocahontas, AR (KAIT) -The White House has released probable cuts for each state.


If sequestration hits in March, Head Start and Early Head Start services in Arkansas would be forced to let go of 600 children.

“Of course its major for the community but even more so for an agency that's trying to help low income people or are depending on that service,” said Black River Area Develop Corporation Executive Director, Jim Jansen.


He says if cuts are made, their focus would remain on one specific aspect of the agency.


“It would be the quality that we would have to give a lot of consideration to and we might lose maybe hours of operation, maybe limit participants that receive services,” Jansen said.


Preparations are hard to make at this point, said Jansen. Right now it’s all about a waiting game.


“There’s not a whole lot you can do about it and if the President and Congressman are aware of the circumstances, it’s a wait and see,” said Jansen.


It’s not just the Head Start and Early Head Start services that the agency would have to cut back on, other services would feel the hit as well.

“Food, shelter, early childhood education, childcare, transportation and housing. We cover all those areas,” Jansen said.


However, the agency will continue to give their best no matter what decision Congress has in store for them.


“Total, were talking possibly eight percent, so that’s not closing your doors and going home, that’s just figuring out how you can possibly continue the quality of services you can provide and want to provide,” Jansen said.


Other federal agencies that could be affected include, military training, health care, primary and secondary education, U.S. Army Base operations, U.S. Air Force funding, Defense programs and job training.

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