Vice Presidential Nominee John Edwards Makes a Campaign Stop in Memphis

August 4, 2004 -- Posted 10:30 p.m. CDT

Memphis, TN -- Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee John Edwards brought his cross-country "Believe in America" tour to the Mid-South on Tuesday.

Edwards and his family held a rally in the morning in North Little Rock, before boarding a bus for an evening event in Memphis.

Edwards took the stage on Beale Street hoping to use his Southern charm to win over some Southern voters.

"I've heard some talk about where in America and in front of what audiences we should talk about race equality and civil rights, I've got an answer to that question, everywhere, everywhere, everywhere," said Edwards.

Many of the Mid-South voters at the event believe Edwards' Southern roots are an important element of the Kerry/Edwards ticket.

Historically, every single Democratic President after John Kennedy was a native of the South. That's why some believe Edwards was chosen as the number 2 guy to try and win support from those who may not back a liberal from Massachusetts.

"With John Kerry as our President we're going to raise the minimum wage in America, finish the job on welfare reform, bring jobs to the places we need them," said Edwards.

Kerry and Edwards' tour across the country will span 2 weeks, 21 states, and cover 3500 miles, but for now Edwards is bringing his populist message of hope to Tennessee and Arkansas, 2 places that voted for Bush in 2000.