Air Choice One receives D.O.T. contract extension

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Air Choice will be in service foranother year in Jonesboro. The company received a one year extension to itscurrent Department of Transportation Essential Air Service Contract.

"AirChoice One is pleased at the prospect of serving the community of Jonesboro, ARfor another year." said Shane Storz, Chief Executive Officer of Air Choice Onein a press release from the company.  "We are proud of our past service,excited about our continued partnership with the Jonesboro Municipal Airport,and looking forward to the future with great anticipation."

Underthe contract, Air Choice One would transport 4,700 travelers annually in and outof Jonesboro. The company says it has exceeded that and is on track totransport over 10,000 passengers annually.

Oneof the new features with the company is an online booking system. The companysays customers can book connecting flights with Air Choice One and othercarriers through their local travel agent or online travel agencies.

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