Parents still seeking answers after son's murder in Oil Trough

OIL TROUGH, AR (KAIT) – The Independence County Sheriff'sOffice began investigating a murder outside Oil Trough more than a year ago, andthe case remains unsolved.

The victim was Bobby Willis Jr., who was shot and killed inNovember 2011.

It's been 15 months since his tragic death, and his familyis now asking anyone with information to come forward and help solve this casethat seems to have gone cold.

"I still think about it every day," said Bobby Willis Sr.,the victim's father.

Unanswered questions have filled the elder Willis' mind sincehis son's death more than a year ago.

"It still lays heavy on my mind," he said. "I just thinkabout it all the time. I can't get away from it until something closes it. It'snot happened yet."

He claims he could clear his mind once his son's killer iscaught.

The younger Willis died in November 2011 after sustainingtwo gunshot wounds – one in the shoulder, the other in the head. The shootingoccurred on Freeman Lane in Oil Trough at a home that the elder Willis askedhis son repeatedly to avoid.

"Not once, twice, but a hundred times," he said. "I justsaid stay away from there [and] that those people are terrible."

Willis is unsure why his son was even at that home, whichwas located not far from his own house at the time. He and his fiancée, PamMerritt, moved so that they would no longer have to see the people that he sayshe knows shot "Little Bobby."

"Something needs to be done," Merritt said. "It needs tostay open and get solved or just go ahead and close the case if it's hopelessand they can't solve it, so we can move on and do what we need to do."

The Independence County Sheriff's Office has yet to name anysuspects or make any arrests related to the case. That's why Willis and Merrittwould like Arkansas State Police to now join the investigation.

"I think if the state police department would get involved,"Willis said, "I have 100 percent hope and faith that it would get solved."

The chief investigator on this case was unavailable forcomment Tuesday.

Anyone with information about this murder investigationshould call the Criminal Investigations Division with the Independence CountySheriff's Office at 870-793-8878.

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