Region 8 Full of Artifacts

August 5, 2004 -- Posted at 5:00 p.m. CDT

TYRONZA -- Archeology is tedious work but thanks to archeologist Region 8 records will be more complete. One team has been digging at a site in Tyronza for almost three months. "We're just trying to figure out how deep and how wide it is and if there was a structure here or not but we certainly have post molds so they were putting them up for something. We just have to figure out why and how many there are." said Archeologist Kevin Cullen. The Tyronza site was discovered by the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department as survey work was being done for the proposed interstate 555 project. The interstate will be built right on top of this site, after the dig. "Once they run the bulldozers through here there's not going to be anything left , these are very fragile resources about pre-history, which may not be anywhere else." said Archeologist Robert Lafferty.

Just four miles down the road from the Tyronza site there's another site in Gilmore."At this site we're not finding a lot of what people consider artifacts so not the type of artifact you can hold in your hand. Instead we're finding pits and stains in the ground.They give us even more information than just a piece of pottery because it gives us a context of what the people were doing and how they were living. How people lived in the past directly reflects the way we live today.