Tuckerman Teenager Still Missing

August 5, 2004 -- Posted 6:00 p.m. CDT

Tuckerman, AR -- A Region 8 mother is crying out for help, as her mentally challenged daughter remains missing.

Connie Sue Gates walked through her neighborhood on Thursday afternoon tired and worried about her daughter's whereabouts.

18 year old Ashlie Carter is considered borderline retarded and has been missing for almost 2 weeks.

"She's very gullible to things, very easy taken up with things, that's what we're afraid of," said Gates.

Gates says her daughter had recently been struggling with decisions to make about her future, and chose to spend some time at a friend's house to sort things out.

"This Sunday night we did find out that she never did go to the girl's home, the friend had stated that she had left with a 29 year old from Conway off the internet," said Gates.

Gates is not sure if that friend had been lied to as well, but does know that that story sounds suspicious because Ashlie has never been on a date, nor does she use the internet. The Gate's family computer is off limits to all 7 children.

"We don't know if she was misguided or if this is true information," said Gates.

Officials with the Tuckerman Police say they don't believe the missing teenager is in Conway. Investigators received several tips out off Jonesboro that they are currently following.

If you have any information about Ashlie Carter's disappearance, contact the Tuckerman Police at 870-349-2424.

Ashlie's mother says the 18 year old is shy, usually looks away from people, and has a birthmark above her right ankle.