Fallen choir director honored by students

HARRISBURG, AR (KAIT) - Students at Harrisburg High School are honoring their choir director who passed away.

They are remembering her in a special way, through an event she was helping to prepare her students for.

"They loved her. She was always about fun, always about laughter, always about making things as great as they could be," said colleague Amy Wallace.

When Amy Jarrett died in a car accident earlier this month, the students and teachers of Harrisburg High School decided to dedicate the talent show to their beloved choir director.

"The students are why we're doing this. They wanted to do something to show how much they cared about Amy," said Wallace.

Many of her own students will be performing in her honor.

"This will give everybody a moment to celebrate what Amy did and what she taught her kids and celebrate her memory, not just mourning her loss," said Wallace.

For those who worked closely with her every day, this show is all about honoring a dear friend.

"Well for me, Amy was such a wonderful person she had such a huge heart, she was full of love and full of laughter," said Wallace.

The benefit also gives back to another colleague who happens to be Jarrett's husband.

"He teaches in east lab and to be able to do this for him, I think allows the kids to have some outreach for him and show him in a way that's tangible what Amy meant to them," said Wallace.

All the money raised from the talent show will go straight to a fund set up for the Jarrett family.

The entry deadline has been extended to March 4. For information on donations or how to sign up, contact Amy Wallace at (870) 930-4627 or Pamela Sain at (870) 783-0060.

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