Pawn shops may have to upload info to investigators

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Arkansas House passed legislation Friday that would require pawn shops to electronically upload their records to law enforcement to help with criminal investigations.

The measure passes with a 82-2 vote. Pawn shops would have to upload certain records daily to a centralized tracking system designed by police. Pawn shops are already required to collect biographical information from their customers. 

Kay Welch is the owner of Oak Grove Pawn in Paragould and said she has been in business since 1995 and has been providing the police with this information ever since.

“I’ve always reported all of my pawn business to the localauthorities, it’s just done on paper,”Welche said.

The new system requires pawn shops to upload the same information on an online database for law enforcement.

“It’s a little faster for theofficers to find the information,”Welch said.

It’s somewhat beneficial with the pawn shops doing it butflea markets don’t have to go through the same criteria.”

New legislation is headed to a Senate committee today that would requirepawn shop owners to give up more information.

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